280px-Zebra (Toriko)

Zebra is one of the Four Heavenly Kings and the strongest among them. He is very muscular and strong and most of all he hates "cocky" people and usually eliminates or puts up a fight with them. He considered a threat to the world because he made some species of beasts extinct. He is also a prisoner in Honey Prison, a prison shaped like a honeycomb. He is in the lowest level of the prison which is the most dangerous level which execution beasts pull the chains attached to the prisoner to tear its ligaments and other parts. In a quest to find the Mellow Cola, Toriko and his partner Chef Komatsu paid a visit to Zebra and teamed up with him in exchange for Komatsu's partnership but Komatsu had conditions which he demanded a Full Course better than Toriko's upcoming Full Course.

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