Name Yin
Aliases Diamond Dragon Yin; Baby Dragon
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Professional Status
Affiliation Royal Dragons
Occupation Apprentice
Partner None
Personal Status
Relatives Shiro (adoptive brother); Yang (adoptive father)
Status Alive

Yin, better known as the Diamond Dragon Yin, and Baby Dragon, is the apprentice of Yang and the weakest of the Royal Dragons. He's the 46th descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Diamond, a style used to hunt beasts by Bishokuyas. He is the youngest member of the Royal Dragons and was forced to became one after the death of the 45th, Shiro, though he doesn't finish his training yet.


Yin is a teenager of average height. He uses a white shirt with a red tie over a black suit, black pants and black boots. He has a blond messy hair and turquoise eyes.

The reason of his clothes is to look more mature than he truly is. 


Yin is a very kind, energetic and ingenous person. He prefer not to fight and don't like deaths. He is almost always smiling and is good with everyone, including Scorpien, even though he is afraid of him.

He knows Rozan since his early years of life, and because of that consideres him almost like a brother (even calling him this way).   

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mystic Dragon Style, Form: DiamondEdit

He will be the 46th descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Diamond, when he finish his training. The style is used to hunt beasts and was inspired by the Diamond King, one of the descendant of the Nocturne King. The style consists in using smoke to hunt.

Smoke KnockingEdit

After just some months of training, Yin invented a way to knock creatures using smoke, since he doesn't like to

Yin with White Saber

kill. He called it Smoke Knocking. 

Sword SkillsEdit

As all the decendants of his style form, he uses a sword which produce the smoke.

White SaberEdit

His sword is the White Saber, passed to every generation of the style. The sword produces smoke to the user.