Vital statistics
Title Gourmet Theater Master, Dancing Yaihiku
Gender Male
Race Human
Skills Kabuki Cooking
Abilities Gourmet Dancing
Full course None
Affiliations Gourmet Gospel

Hanafuka Playhouse (Owner)

Status Alive, in the Human World
Partner Pauletta

Dancing Yaihiku, also famously known as the Gourmet Theater Master, is a world famous actor, playwright, and dancer of the equally as famous, Hanafuka Playhouse. A Master of the dancing arts, Yaihiku inherited ownership of the human worlds most popular theater at a young age and perfected his skills into a beautiful style. His performances are constantly sold out and shows preformed, or sponsored by him, run for years without closings. Among Yaihikus many acting accolades are taming the famous Dragon Stage, the act of the 999 Nights of Senju Kannon, and the perfection of the Yabushi-No-Okuni dance, all of which were have said to be impossible to preform successfully.

Recently, Yaihihu even threw his hand into the cooking field, and found great success. Despite it not being his profession he still managed to wrangle a high ranking spot among IGO's top 100 ranked chefs.

Despite his well known fame in the human world, Yaihiku holds some of the highest clout in the Gourmet World as well. He is one of the many leaders of the Gourmet Gospel and holds rank over even Fontinegra. It is said he understands the plagues of the planet better than anyone, and even knows secrets of the final land, where GOD and other fabulous ingredients lie.



Yaihiku Theater Robes

Yaihiku is a tall, middle aged man with a dignified air of grace about him. He has long white hair and stands out in the back with two long bangs falling on either side of his face. Complimenting his traditional theater master title, he dresses himself in long flowing robes including a long pair of hakama that pool around his feet, and a long cape cover that drapes over his right arm and drags along the ground. It's thought that he drapes himself in such cumbersome clothing so he might prove his elegance an grace while moving around, so as to be always aware of his steps.

In the rare instances that he preforms, he wears full theater regalia, which includes a white robe, patterned hakama bound at the ankles and a long sash that flows freely from the back.

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