Wingroza Rasca
Beast Type Dragon Beast (Holy Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price No value as foodstuffs
Diet Chinwa Bug
Location Gourmet World (City of the High Palace)
Related Species High Palace Dragon

The Wingroza Rasca also known as the Innocent Serpent, was a once powerful and terrifying Dragon Beast that ravaged the land until it was subdued within the City of the High Palace, and made another one of the city's guardians.

Once a creature of god, the Rasca fell from heaven in unknown circumstances and the trauma of being ripped form paradise sent it into an eternal frenzy. In it's rage and sadness, it spread senseless death and destruction wherever it went, until the day it set it's sights on the City of the High Palace. Killing even the Fierce War Gods that guarded the city, it eventually clashed with the High Palace Dragon itself where the great Dragon managed to subdue it's fellow holy beast. However, in a fit of blind power, the Rasca struck back and nearly killed the High Palace Dragon before regressing into a child and losing it's destructive impulse.

Fearing it's power and potential return of it's madness, the High Palace Dragon suggested killing the best, before the King of the High Palace spared the Innocent Serpent and made it one of the city's protectors.

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