Beast Type Humanoid Beast (Chakra Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Sword of Rest, 42,000,000 yen.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Karma Valley)
Related Species Monzaemon Dragon


The mighty Wep'keer is a powerful and fearsome gourmet world beast that was created and set onto the world by the more powerful and destructive Monzaemon Dragon. Years ago, seeking to repeat the process by which it was born, the great dragon detached a powerful part of itself and set loose the mighty Wep'keer. Tasked with creating as much destruction and death as it could, the Wep'Keer had no ambitions of destruction and swiftly attacked its evil creator. Obliviously not being strong enough to take on the number 2 gourmet world ruler, it was swiftly defeated and abandoned.

Using it's new freedom from it's dark creator, the Wep'Keer set about righting the wrongs of the Monzaemon Dragon and protecting the world from it's evil, eventually it was set upon by the Goji Giant who made the fellow Chakra beast it's vassal for good.

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