Volcano Hydra: Capture Level #90 Edit

The Volcano Hydra is a gigantic serpentine beast that lives in the center lava pool of the Wu Island volcano. The Volcano Hydra has five heads that move independently but are connected by a “hive mind”, which means that the five heads can fight as one, attacking with a combination of both brute strength and cunning strategy. It never leaves the lava pool and feeds off of the nutrients of the volcano’s magma, with the exception of any unlucky Bishokuya who dares challenge it. The only way to reach the center lava pool is to obtain the ability to endure the intense heat of the volcano thanks to the training provided by the Wu Tiki Tribe. Once the training is complete, you must travel to the center of the volcano and cut off one of the Hydra’s heads, with which the monster’s neck meat can be used as an ingredient. When one head is cut off, another one will grow in its place. This means that, as long as all five heads are not cut off at once, the Volcano Hydra can provide a near infinite source of food. The Hydra’s meat has the texture of a top quality sirloin steak and with a powerful spiciness that feels like a volcano erupting in your mouth. Even its bones are high quality and, when refined, can be crafted into beautiful silverware that will fetch a very high price in the market. 

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