Vánagandr Wolf
Beast Type Gate Keeper Beast (Holy Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price No Value as Foodstuffs
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World Takamagahara
Related Species Battle Wolf

The Vánagandr Wolf, also known as the, Divine Beast, if a former Gourmet World beast that evolved from a Battle Wolf into a Holy Guardian. It is also a member of the blessed Bonfire Trio. Where it now guards the Hodoku Mouse with it's fellow Bonfire member the, Denshi Bunny.

Legend states that thousands of years ago a lone Battle Wolf was separated from its pack and took residence a small, forest in the Gourmet World. This area would have been quickly wiped out, along with all its animal inhabitants, if not for the Battle Wolf taking up the duty of protecting the forest and its creatures. Years passed and the Battle Wolf became the undisputed guardian of the forest and it grew to love the weak animals, and the animals to love it in return.

However a large fire broke out over the forest and killed all the animals, leaving only the now old and mighty Battle Wolf alive. Enraged and saddened to the point of breaking the Battle Wolf sought out who started the fire, killing many gourmet beast in retaliation. However it soon realized that the fire was an act of nature, or an act of god. So the Battle Wolf ascended to the heavens where it rampaged in reckless defiance of god. When God saw the beast attacking his heavenly garden, he raised a hand and stopped the beast, but not before the Wolf snapped at his hand.

God was so impressed by his strength and love for the animals he offered the Battle Wolf a chance to be the guardian of heaven, where he could Shepard the souls of all creatures. The Wolf agreed and was transformed into the Vánagandr Wolf. It is said that the great wolf only descends to the world every few millennia when it senses great danger for the planet.