Hey y'all, it's me Alpha Olphion here to bring you all some news. First of all, sadly, User:Perchan is dealing with some personal issues, so she's unable to help at the moment, having her hands full at the time. Trust me, if you knew her personally, then you can tell at a glance that she's a very good admin to work with. So, for know, I'll be in charge of decorating the wikia - which brings me to our second piece of news. Below this are five toriko-related images that I think would make for a good background.

FHK Intimidation Aura

Option A

Toriko-Wallpaper Option 2

Option B

Toriko-Wallpaper Option 3

Option C

Toriko-Wallpaper Option 4

Option D

Toriko-Wallpaper Option 5

Option E

Now, in an orderly fashion, vote for the one that you think suits the site best (in the comments section obviously :P). The winner will be decided with the most votes and thus become the wikia's new background. I'm also currently working on codings and shit. So if you want to help out, then have at it (I won't stop you :P). Okay, that's all for now. If you have any questions, then come to my talk page. This is Alpha speaking and I'm outta here for now. Nice to be working with y'all.


Option A - 8

Option B - 3

Option C - 1

Option D - 5

Option E - 0