Yep. Yep, we're heading towards it. Midora's gonna turn evil next chapter, most likely Obito style. Called it. Called it. Though I'm still hoping we get more reasons than what reason I think we're gonna get. Anyway, onto the review!


  • Good art, at least for the males and food.
  • Nice twist at the end of the story, if not unexpected.
  • Interesting addition to the Gourmet Cells mythos, could really effect the future chapters.
  • Great background art in this one. Really, other manga can't really hold a candle to it this week.
  • Good funny moments, especially with Jirou's punishment and his sudden not-very-big name change. Also, Ichiryu's alcohol problem: hilarious.


  • Meh female art. Shimabakuro's getting better, so this won't be a biggie, but it's still a bit disapointing.
  • Generic "ungrateful slob is ungrateful" stereotype designed to bring out a bad guy's good/soon to be evil side of his personality. Used well, but still generic.
  • This one's more a problem with translation, but some lines seem to come out of nowhere. You know what I mean.
  • Didn't advance the plot at all until the final 3/4 pages. I know it's neccessary, but a little more time NOT spent on the average life would be better, in my opinion.
  • Not enough of that background art.
  • The background art sometimes overshadows teh characters, quite literally. While stylistaclly pleasing, it kidna defies the laws of physicals, even those established by Toriko. Minor gripe, so don't take it too seriously.


I give this chapter a 7 out of 10. Thank you, and check in next week for Toriko Chapter 253.