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  • Zeon1

    Yep. Yep, we're heading towards it. Midora's gonna turn evil next chapter, most likely Obito style. Called it. Called it. Though I'm still hoping we get more reasons than what reason I think we're gonna get. Anyway, onto the review!

    • Good art, at least for the males and food.
    • Nice twist at the end of the story, if not unexpected.
    • Interesting addition to the Gourmet Cells mythos, could really effect the future chapters.
    • Great background art in this one. Really, other manga can't really hold a candle to it this week.
    • Good funny moments, especially with Jirou's punishment and his sudden not-very-big name change. Also, Ichiryu's alcohol problem: hilarious.

    • Meh female art. Shimabakuro's getting better, so this won't be a biggie, but it's still a bit d…

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  • Zeon1

    Welcome to the Toriko Review Corner's first installent! We now present our gracious host, Zeon1!


    Hey, this is Zeon here, with this week's Toriko review! You're all free to persecute me for my opinons on the chapters and express your own in the comment section below. Though, be warned, if you insult me in a rude or crude fashion, I cannot say I will not reply in kind. Please comment respectfully and in an adult manner. Anyway, onto the review. Some spoilers will follow.

    I rather liked this chapter, mostly because it was a nice change of pace from the blood-soaked arc we've been going through (the anime version's gonna be horrid). Anyway, we got some more info on Midora's backstory, as well as a glimpse on young Jirou and Ichiryuu. P…

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