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    Second Synphony

    April 20, 2014 by Bonfires

    Hello everyone.

    I'm sure you've seen over the last few weeks a great deal of changes. Of fighting, disagreements, and movements towards and away from the things we all want. There are those who have put forth rules that we, as a wiki, have disagreed with. And as they are free to make up their minds as they wish, those individuals have decided to leave us, and create their own world.

    I put forth that all of us, all of you are free to do the same. If at any time to feel that this is no longer an environment that you are comfortable with, please feel free to seek independence elsewhere. But before that drastic a step is taken, I highly encourage that you speak with me or another admin.

    We are here to nurture creativity, provide an outlet for ope…

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  • Bonfires


    March 24, 2014 by Bonfires

    Hi guys.

    Okay here's the ting. I've recently applied to adopt the wiki since we don't really have formal leadership here, but wiki central has put a few stipulations.

    First is just to drum up a little more activity on the wiki, from myself and others.

    Also, it would be best if we all started communicating about the problems and issues we may have on here. It's best if we're connected because central wants to see that we can resolve our problems together without getting into fights.

    It would also be a good idea if we decide leadership now. Like who's the best choice for an admin and such.

    Please post comments here and let's try to have a good talk about things.

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