Tundra Bronco
Beast Type Jewel Beast (Demon Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Frozen Soul Ice Broth, Treasure wheel.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Kalabassas Ice Cliff)

The fearsome Tundra Bronco is the ruler of the Kalabassas Ice Cliff, said to the be harshest ice environment on the planet. Once a powerful and ancient Heraku, the immortal horse lost itself in the infamous Ice Cliff and became trapped in the frozen wasteland. Trapped for centuries, but unable to die, the Heraku descended into madness and eventually became one with the ice that encased it. Breaking free in cold rage the now transformed Heraku became the Tundra Bronco and whipped up a gale of ice and wind that would make the already inhospitable Ice cliff completely uninhabitable.

It lived undisturbed for decades, slowly expanding the Ice Cliff and taking over other territories in the gourmet world, until it had the unfortunate run in with Aziz of Snow. Intrigued by the beasts ice based power, the two clashed with Aziz conquering the Bronco claiming it as it's personal animal partner. The two now travel the land together, causing frozen chaos.

However, despite the Broncos current alignment with Aziz, the frozen beasts serves another dark master. It is thought that the Tundra Bronco was only freed from it's ice prison by it's beast master, and was granted it's great treasure wheels by the same beast. It also shares this alliance with the great, Fox of Joy and the Amazon Forester.

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