Vital statistics
Title Mysterious Sweets Master, Sugar Tontotto
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Skills Sweet Stars
Abilities Unknown
Full course Complete
Affiliations Gourmet Gospel
Status Alive, in the Human World
Partner None

Sugar Tontotto also known by her legendary title, Mysterious Sweets Master, is a powerful and famous chef who still operates within the human world as opposed to her Gourmet Gospel colleges who reside within the Gourmet World. A chef of unrivaled talent and ability Tontotto stands as the single greatest chef of this generation and claims the coveted number 1 spot in the IGO Gourmet World Chef Rankings. It is said her sweets can rouse the dead and bring sweet energy to even the long passed spirits. It is for this reason that she is constantly hunted by Mahaclaro so that he might make use of her incredible skills. Tontotto joined the Gourmet Gospel to seek their protecting from the undead menace.

Despite her fame and high rank within the IGO rankings, Tontotto is a nebulous character who keeps out of the spotlight and rarely goes out in public. Her kitchen is just as mysterious as she is and few, if any, customers she has can never seem to remember where her store is located. Most mysterious of all is that the seldom pictures there are of her always show a young girl, but her legacy dates back hundreds of years, even to the time of a young Setsuno and the first Cooking Festival. Well informed chefs who know of her say that a connection to the great Nightmaster is the reason for her continued youth and fabulous skill.

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