Titan Beasts (完変獣, Kanhen-jū meaning Perfect Mutant Beasts) is the non-mutated Titans in Titans: Toriko who lived on Toriko World on the PR/SS universe before Roho first met is a friend named Hikaru Joo, a strangely girl equivalent of Samuel Joo where goes off his next adventure. Roho has a mystical power Jack Power where Eureka gave birth Dillain then borned by Misaki. The Titan Beasts were actually mutant beast caused from Shadow's Mutant Ray (in English version), Walt give Shadow the Mutant Ray, but it was destroyed and blew into positive wave.

Beast Capture LevelEdit

Each Titan Beasts has capture levels that can jacked them or knock them. Each beasts has ingredients that can hold or drop it. Each of the beasts has Capture Level 1 to Unmeasurable which is hardest to jack them.


List of the BeastsEdit

Each beasts has a locations like Samuel's Titan Islands called Gourmet Isle.

Plain IsleEdit

Wooly RocksEdit

Field LandEdit

Titan ColiseumEdit

Snowy BlizzardEdit

Grandis HiveEdit

Treasur Land (Special Episode)Edit

Vegetable SkiesEdit

The Lost LandEdit

Dragorock Island (on Toriko)Edit

Waterwhale Oversea (on Sunny)Edit

Honey Garden (on Coco)Edit

Melk MountainEdit

Mine GravityEdit

Hive PrisonEdit

These Beast Titans were rogue beasts before they adopt them.

Cola PyramindEdit

Royale ColiseumEdit

Surprise IslandEdit

  • Surprise Apple (a fruit-like Titan Beast who doesn't fight that inside of Plataquack created by King Julien)

Love IslandEdit

List of the Mixed BeastsEdit

The Mixed breed is the combined Titan Beast which is two of them mates. When they visiting King Julien's Beast Lab, he upgrade his labortory and decide to create the own both Titans and Titan Beasts after the positive wave is lifted.