Grinparch 001

Age: 15

Species: Human
Blood type: 0
Birthdate: 17 Jan
Height: 1,95 Meters
Weight: 130 Kg
Occupation: Bishoku-ya
Family: Grinparch
Dream: To Finish my FullCourse Menu
Page created by: Torun


TimTam son of Grinparch is a powerful Bishoku-ya with a baby Jack Elephant as pet. He is a person capable of entering the Gourmet World. So far he has only completed a little bit of his Full Course Menu. Not very much unlike his father he also has great lung capacity and a Devil Mosquito Straw in his sheath around his waist.

Abilities & PowerEdit

Hunting Method:' TimTam uses his inhuman lungs in conjunction with his Devil Mosquito Straw to create powerful wind blasts.


  • Breath Gun: TimTam shoots powerful blasts of air with the help of his straw. This attack is able to tear flesh but still is a low level attack for TimTam.
  • Breath Bazooka: TimTam blasts out a powerful airblast with the power and shape of a tornado. This attack takes time to prepare.
Full Course Menu
Hors-D'oeuvre: Blank
Soup: Century Soup
Fish Dish: Blank
Meat Dish: Blank
Main: Blank
Salad: Blank
Dessert: Oasis Melon
Drink: Mellow Cola