The Truth Revealed, the Original Beast Origin (一目瞭然真実、最初獣起源, Ichimokuryōzen Shinjitsu, Saishojū Kigen) is the Melk Arc episode 6 from Titans: Toriko. This story was shocked new that Roho was in love at Melk the Second. Samuel's dark secret was revealed by Dillain about seeing her nudity.


After he returning Melk's home, Samuel secretly about Melk the Second cause more trouble than Eureka. Though Eureka calls Samuel, he explains later for now on. Samuel and his friends take the hot spring for Komatsu's knife repairs. As they off to hot spring, the slash slice the hot spring into two which is shocked by them. Meanwhile, Melk surprised at Komatsu's knife and looked at Samuel and his friends before she realized at Samuel and Charizard was almost nudity, but only have swimsuits then greatly shocked. With Samuel knews that Melk repairing Komatsu's knife, Roho finally wakes up and shows up to everyone and realize Komatsu's knife has been repaired by Melk. Not anymore, Roho see Melk the Second as he seeing as a girl, mistakes as a boy causing him to blush and saying that her hair was beautiful which is she was blushing at Roho because his hair was similar. Komatsu asking him that he not shy before Roho gots more blushed than himself that his hair was getting brighter. Dillain thinking about his father taking the nudity pictures while Samuel walking slowly to the warehouse.

Dub changeEdit

  • There are funny scenes as unusually event before added, edited or removed and put it away to the folders.
  1. Toriko and Komatsu has nose bleeding too many times.
  2. When Melk the Second finds out, Samuel running faster (actually in the dub, he runs fast and make sure to prevent Melk see him).
  3. Add in the dub, while Samuel tried to leave to IGO, Pochiko barely grab him before Samuel's Beast tail attacked him. Funnily enough, Melk the Second jumps on Samuel's back and fells into the ground.


  • According to Samuel, his predecessor making trouble on Melk the Second before she notice that heard a noise. Only for running away after he accidentally dropped his powerful sword called Daggeran to the Far Cave which is the power to control the Beast inside of him.

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