English Takamagahara
Aliases Transit of Nirvana
Location Gourmet World
Affiliations Blessed Bonfire
Debut Appearance
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Takamagahara, also known as Takama-ga-hara, (Plain of High Heaven). Is the legendary ladder between heaven and the Gourmet World. Normally hidden from the living, the bridge only reveals itself to the deceased as they cross to the next life. Only the most powerful of living beings can summon, the ladder as living creatures who can't see it can touch it and cross it while, undead creatures can see it, but are unable to cross or touch it if they are unable to move on.

In the legend of the Vánagandr Wolf, the great and powerful Battle Wolf managed to summon the bridge out of sheer will power and used it to cross into heaven. After it's victorious battle with God, it was made guard of the great bridge,the Vanágandr Wolf and lives within the hidden ladder, only venturing out when it senses a living creature attempting to cross the bridge.