Swanferno: Capture Level: #3000Edit

The Swanferno is powerful bird beast from Gourmet World that is a cross between a swan and a phoenix. Known as the “Champion of Heat Resistance”, a Swanferno can survive the hottest of temperatures and even radiation without any effort at all. Their strong wings grants them high speed flight, a fully grown Swanferno can fly with a top speed of Mach 7. They are very gentle creatures and loyal to the core, if you manage to befriend one, it will let you ride on its back and defend you with its life. However, if a Swanferno gets angry or is defending its territory, it will shoot feathers out of its wings which explode like incendiary missiles. When a person rides on a Swanferno’s back, they will sink up to their shoulders in feathers. This prevents the rider from falling off in mid-flight and allows him/her to hide in said feathers to shield themselves from fire, lava, radiation, etc. While its meat is not edible at all, a Swanferno egg is a delicacy to kill for. With it, you can create a naturally spicy omelette the size of a car that is packed full of protein and exploding with flavor. 

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