Sock-Puppet Bear
Aliases Bone bear
Beast Type Mammal
Capture Level 9
Length 8ft
Height 12ft
Weight 3.5 tons
Price 100g/80,000 yen. Claws/190,000 yen.
Diet Carnivore
Location Where prey lives (Humans and creatures in caves>
Abilities Perfect control of bones, long arms, power to extend.

The Sock-Puppet bear is an incredibly powerful beast, who is a hunter of humans, and any creature that happens to be its prey. It's prey, is anything weaker then it. One was the main antagonist of the first arc, but was killed, and eaten by Foster.


It is a creature, that is mostly fur. Because of that, it's limbs look smaller then they actually are. It has the ability to push its bones back in its body, to extend its own limbs. Because of its weight, it is able to stand on it's two own feet.


It's power is able to help it destroy multiple buildings, and cut a windmill in half with one strike. It as even able to enter a cave, and make over 400 different species fear it, and it was able to make a dozen species become end argued, because of it.

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