Sky Carrier
Beast Type Mammal Beast (Carrier Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Unknown
Diet Filter feeds on Sky Mites
Location Gourmet World (Shangri-La)

The Sky Carrier is a gentle and peaceful breed of beast that resides in the Air paradise, Shangri-La. Big enough to block out the sky, the carrier beast moved through the clouds with an air of serene grace and royalty. It's size alone is enough to deter most sensible creatures who would prey on it, but it's status in Shangri-La makes it untouchable to only the most desperate of creatures.

This is due to it being used mainly for ceremonial purposes, as the great flying beast is the personal carrier for the Shambala Bird and her royal precession. Chosen amongst millions of flying beast, the gentle flyer carries the queen of Shangri-La on it's back if she is in need of traveling far from the city.