Shangyang South Bird
Beast Type Bird Beast (Tray Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price No Value as Foodstuffs
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World Shangri-La
Related Species Shambala Bird

The Shangyang South Bird, is the founder of Shangri-La, a legendary Tray beast, and the distant ancestor of the Shambala Bird. A gourmet beast far surpassing the Gourmet World Rulers, it is said to have existed ages ago and ushered in the gourmet age, along with it's three others beasts.

During the worlds first feast made by, Cho Śākyamuni, and Senju Kannon, four mighty gourmet beasts were created and tasked with creating the ultimate serving tray so the feast could be enjoyed. Thinking, the four beasts decided that the planet itself should be made into the serving tray and set off to remake the planet to better fit the feast. The Shangyang South Bird set off into the skies and raised the clouds. Up heaving the atmosphere itself, the Shangyang South Bird extended the air line so the rising land and spreading oceans wouldn't break through their own sky.

After finishing it's divine task, it set off into it's newly formed Gourmet world and settled in the already created, Shangri-La. After clearing the native populous it settled into its new home and created a safe haven for all manner of flying beasts.