Beast Type Demon Beast (Dark Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price Unknown
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Dark Circus Canyon)
Related Species Shakkaku

The Shakkayumi or better known simply as the Ringleader is the leader of the Dark Circus Troupe of the gourmet world and one of the few beasts that surpasses the Gourmet World Rulers. A beast of two forms, the Shakkayumi can appear as a young horned girl and sometimes as a dark avatar like angel. The two are indistinguishable in power and both are considered their truth form.

Representing the darkness of the Gourmet world, the Shakkayumi was born countless eons ago when the gods created the world. Using the darkness of night, Shakkayumi was born and all dark beasts descend from her. A ruler of the night and a well known figure, various religions in the gourmet World have formed around her mysterious power and the Dark Cooking style was made to honor her. Sometimes regarded as a creature of evil, due to her dark alignment and somewhat frightening appearance, to dark beasts and Dark cooking aficionados the Shakkayumi had been and always will be a savior. Over the eons she has been seen as one who Shepard the lost and dark, leading them away from the society and people that would shun them.

Recently however, she has been collecting Dark beast of enormous power and collecting them under the guise of the Ringleader persona of the Dark Circus troupe. Why she is doing this is unknown, but presumably she is collecting power and forces for a great conflict about to take place in the gourmet world.

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