Senju Bodhisattva Kannon Kakuan Azushura
Vital statistics
Title Father of First Cooking, The God of Chefs, Senju Bodhisattva Kannon Kakuan Azushura
Gender Male
Race Unknown (Presumed Divine)
Skills Hand of First Cooking
Abilities Able to prepare any food, and tame every beast. Master of First Cooking
Full course The Food of the Planet
Status Alive
Partner Gekkou Chikarahara Bodhisattva Cho Śākyamuni

"We give praise to the ingredients. We give praise to the food. Let us rejoice, and let us eat!"

Senju Bodhisattva Kannon Kakuan Azushura, or more commonly known as Senju Kannon, is the The God of Chefs and the one who single handedly prepared the first World Feast. Depicted as a fierce man with a thousand arms, he is worshiped in the Gourmet World, as the people of the human world are unaware of his true existence.

When the world was young, Senju Kannon was the God of Faith and ruled over the new planet with strength and love. However he could feel the faith of the young humans wavering as their spirits crumbled from the little sustenance the planet provided. Saddened, Senju Kannon knew of no way to help them until he witnessed the God of Mercy, Gekkou Chikarahara Bodhisattva Cho Śākyamuni split her body and give birth to the ingredients of the planet. Telling him of her plan to hold a grand feast, Cho Śākyamuni begged Senju Kannon to help the humans prepare the food.

Agreeing, Senju Kannon descended to the human world and spent 999 nights preparing the new ingredients for the grand feast. He also taught the humans of the world the methods for preparing the food, so that they could live in harmony and mercy with the new food of their world.