Seikirikae Fruit
Japanese Name 性切替えの実
Romaji Name Seikirikae no Mi
Aliases Gender-Switching Fruit
Type Fruit
Capture Level 30
Location Gourmet World
Samuel's house (recklessly current)
Loving Land

The Seikirikae Fruit is the gender-switching fruit who originally lives on the Gourmet World, but Samuel Joo recklessly plant the seed and grow to his house and the nowhere land called Loving Land. Samuel meet his nonsenese friend named Bicon.



Gender ChangeEdit

When the males eats the fruits, it transgendered them into female version of themselve; however, permanently. The females did not change into a male forms, only make a breast expansion.

Breasts ExpansionEdit


Dolove DumpingsEdit

A Super Specially Cooked ingredient who made by Samuel and his successor much as Asami and Eureka's dismay since the people who turned boys and girls permanently. For seen this, Aichi was turned into girl (which is has big breasts) and Wolfram von Bielefeld turned permanent into a girl (which is has large breasts) which is Asami and Eureka angering at his husbands and used their Beasts to beat their husbands.


Calrem and Charizard's Secret MissionEdit

Samuel's Secret RevealsEdit

After Calrem and Charizard clear the mission successfully and confront Bicon again, she revealed that Samuel and his predecessor used the unfortunate fruit


  • The Seiikirikae Fruits was originally as extinct fruits.

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