Name Scorpien
Kanji すこるぴえぬ
Aliases Golden Dragon
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Royal Dragons
Occupation Bishokuya; Chef
Partner None
Personal Status
Relatives Libre(father)
Status Alive

Scorpien, better known as the Golden Dragon Scorpien, is a powerful Bishokuya, Chef, and the strongest of the five Royal Dragons, and the 45th descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Golden, a style used to hunt beasts. He is a very powerful Bishokuya with power enough to win from a beast of capture level more than 60 using little of his power.

After he completed his training in his Mystic Dragon Style, he went to the Gourmet World looking for ingredients for his Full Course and, currently, he just doesn't decided the Meat Dish, Main Dish and Salad, and is patiently looking for then. He doesn't has a partner because he is a Chef too.                                                                                                                                     


Scorpien is a tall and good looking man, he has a purple half moon mark in his forehead and red claw marks in all his body, maked during his training by his master, Tonahaw, he has a long white hair and golden eyes. He uses a white and red full body kimono with flowers details on it, he uses a cuirass in his chest too.


Scorpien is a very proud of his power, he becamed very spiteful after his father recused to train him in the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Emerald, and being trained by Tonahaw in the Golden Form, by this reason, he doesn't like Rozan, who was trained by his father instead of him.

Because of his great power he is very convinced of victory every time he fights, and never use his full power. In battle generally he became calm as always.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mystic Dragon Style, Form: GoldenEdit

He is the 45th descendant of the style, and is considered one of the strongest user of the Mystic Dragon Style, just weaker than his father, Libre. The style is inspired in the movements of the Golden King, one of the decendants of the Nocturne King, and consists in using fire produced by a flaming substance in the user's body.

He was teached by Tonahaw after his father, Libre, recused to teach him the Emerald Form of the style.


He edged his nails to turn then into sharpened claws to improve his strength.


Scorpien has a intimidation as many fighters and, as all the Mystic Dragon Style users, his intimidation is a dragon

Scorpien's Intimidation

represented by the color of his style. It said that his intimidation is the bigger and most indimidating golden dragon of the history of the style.

Food HonorEdit

Just before he went to the Gourmet World, Scorpien went to Shokurin Temple to learn about Food Honor.

Food ImmersionEdit

Just after truly understand the Food Honor, Scorpien was able to use the Food Immersion.

Full CourseEdit

Scorpien's Full Course is formed by ingredients with high capture levels, the lesser being 68. All the courses are from the Gourmet World, the only exception being the Soup. 

Course Ingredient Capture Level
Hors-D'oeuvre: Fried Godara Bamboo     75
Soup: Doran Dragon Meat 


Fish Dish: Giant Red Royal Shark      90
Meat Dish: Undecided
Main: Undecided
Salad: Undecided
Dessert: Kumo Fruit Pudding     81
Drink: Gray Pineapple-Grape Wine     85