Vital statistics
Title Robust Cooking Master, Top-Heavy Chef Shasheila
Gender Female
Race Human
Skills Robust Cooking
Abilities Sturdy Feasting
Full course Complete
Affiliations Gourmet Gospel
Status Alive, in the Gourmet World
Partner Unknown

Top-Heavy Chef, Shasheila is a high ranking cook and a famous master of the sturdy, Robust cooking. Having earned great success within the human world, she went on the challenge the gourmet world and rose to even higher levels within the hostile territory. Within the gourmet world she created a fat filling feast and claims that even the skinniest people will leave fat and full by the end of any meal she prepares. Shasheila lives by the motto that food's first mission is to fill bellies, and intends to fill the stomachs of any customer to the point of bursting.

Recently she was recruited by Fontinegra as a member of the Gourmet Gospel. Sasheila claims to have done so to not only protect the world from Mahaclaro, but to also fatten up the skinny young men of the Gospel.

She is currently ranked 12 in the IGO gourmet world chef rankings.

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