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Salamander's usual appearance.
Name Salamander
Kanji サラマンダー
Romanji Saramandā
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday March 3rd
Age 19
Height 5'9"
Weight 224 lbs.
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation IGO
Occupation Bishokuya
Partner Kiria
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Status Active

Salamander (サラマンダー, Saramandā) is a young Bishokuya and the main protagnist in Zeon's Toriko fanon series. He is notable for eating the Fire Pepper, an act which nearly killed him, but ended up giving him the ability to generate flame from his body, as well as resist large amounts of heat (including spicy foods). 


Salamander is a medium-sized man, with wild, hanging-back tan hair, with a small tuft poking out in the front. He usually wears a red vest with grey fur trimmings, with a short dark green sleeveless shirt beneath it. He also wears long red gloves that go up past his elbows and are a slightly darker shade of red than his vest. His tan hair sticks out in all directions, and he has distinct canine-style teeth. He also usually wears grey shorts, held up by suspenders tied to his T-shirt, as well as black leg coverings that strentch up to the edge of his shorts, holding them upwright. The leg coverings have gold trim. Salamander has a visible scar across his left eyebrow, and has black-slanted eyes. His left ear has a crystal-style earring, which he never takes off, for an undisclosed reason. His boots are unique as having their soles shaped in a triangler fashion, so they closely resemble fangs. 




Fire Pepper- Salamander has eaten the Fire Pepper, one of the spicest ingredients known to man, an act which nearly killed him. However, he lived, and as a result of its spiceyness, he can now generate fire from any point on his body, allowing him to deal great damage with his techniques. Unfortunately, Salamander is now more vulnerable to the cold and even cold foods in general. Also, the more flame is released from his body, the more his stamina drops, to the point that after a long fight he'll become unable to move.

  • MaxCindere

    A Max Cindere being released against several opponents.

    Cindere (シンデー, Sindere)- Salamander's main attack, he encases his fist with flame, and then delivers a devestating punch with it. In certain cases, and depending on the amount of flame in use, Salamander can even extend or launch the flame from his body (similar to Max Cindere).
  • Max Cindere (マックス シンデー, Makkusu Sindere)- One of his strongest techniques (disregarding Diable Amoureux), Salamander releases a massive explosion of flame from one of his arms, causing devestating damage and usually destroying everything in its path. 
  • Cento (セント, Sento)- Salamander quickly cloaks his entire body in a small tornado of flame, used to either dissuade especially strong animals or take attacks from opponents.
  • Deflagratio (デフラグラシーオ, Defuragurasiio)- Salamander generates flames from the front of his hands, then compresses it, so it appears as a thin layer of heat. Whatever he grabs with this technique activated will be engulfed in the flames he has compressed.
  • More coming soon!

Diable Amoureux (ヂアブル アムーエアックス, Diaburu Amuueakkusu)

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