Name Rozan
Kanji ロザン
Aliases Emerald Dragon
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 25
Professional Status
Affiliation Bishokukai(former);Royal Dragons
Occupation Bishokukai(former);Bishokuya
Partner Undecided
Personal Status
Status Alive

Rozan, better known as Emerald Dragon Rozan, is a former Bishokukai Sous Chef and the third stronger of the five Royal Dragons, and master of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Emerald, a style used by Bishokuyas to hunt beasts for centuries. He is powerful enough to go to Gourmet World, however he will stay in the Human World until he found a worthful partner.                                                                                                    

When he completed his training in the Mystic Dragon Style with the others Royal Dragons, with the age of 15, he turned a Bishokukai, thinking that he could create a perfect Full Course, and turned a Sous Chef in 3 years, getting enemy of Starjun in meantime. Two years after he leaved the Bishokukai and turned a Bishokuya.

Now he is quietly looking for a worthful partner and maybe ingredients for his Full Course, and then will go to the Gourmet World.


Rozan is a young and tall man, he is very muscular, he has a blue hair and red eyes. He uses a full blue body suit with shoulder pads.


It was revealed that in childhood, Rozan was foolish and very energetic, until he was forced to change, when he started his training. Today he is a calm man, being merciful in most time, however, when he is fighting seriously, he becames more aggressive, and less merciful.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mystic Dragon Style, Form: EmeraldEdit

He is the 45th descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Emerald, a style used by centuries to hunt beasts inspired by the Emerald King, one of the descendants of the Nocturne King, with the user of a spear. This form of the style is focused in using the spear imitating the movements of the tail of the Emerald King, which is said to had deadly blades on it.

He was teached by Libre, the 44th descendant, who is said to be one of the strongest of the style.


Chi Yari

Chi YariEdit

He is the owner of the Chi Yari (Blood Spear), a spear passed to each generation of the style. The name is due to the red color of the spear.                  


As many fighters, Rozan has a intimidation and, as all the Royal Dragons of every generation, his intimidation is a

Rozan's Intimidation

dragon of the color of his style form, but every generation has a diferent form, Rozan's dragon is very bestial and offensive.

Food HonorEdit

He learned Food Honor during his visit to Shokurin Temple. It makes him much more faster and gives him a better aim.


Full CourseEdit

Course Ingredient Capture Level
Hors-D'oeuvre: Undecided
Soup: Undecided
Fish Dish: Undecided
Meat Dish: Undecided
Main: Looking for Emerald King Unknown
Salad: Undecided
Dessert: Undecided
Drink Undecided