Roppi Dami
Vital statistics
Title Joyful Underworld Chef, Roppi Dami
Gender Female
Race Laguna
Skills Golem Chant
Abilities Unknown
Full course None
Affiliations New Underground Cooking

Gourmet Gospel

Status Alive, in the (Gourmet World)
Partner None

Roppi Dami, also known as the Joyful Underworld Chef, is the new head of the Gourmet Wold Underground Cooking World after Livebearer relinquished operations to the Gourmet Yakuza.

Before the power of the underground changed hands, Dami was an incredibly successful black market dealer and was famed for getting her hands on Gourmet world exclusive ingredients. However, when the yakuza took control, Dami feared the illegal trade would come to a stop, there by putting her out of business and making her a target of the law. Already having experience in the gourmet world she took a strong band of smugglers, dealers, and other traders and fled to the gourmet world to set up a new business.

The new Underground Cooking world flourished and the illegal trade of ingredients began once again, this time exclusively in the gourmet world. Though, she claims to still have dealings with a certain organization located in the human world.

A masterful combatant in her own right, Dami has spent years in the Gourmet World collecting special artifacts that grant her supernatural powers, the full extend of which are still unknown. Coupled with her Laguna heritage, which grants her incredible stamina, strength, speed and endurance, heightened her to near untouchable levels. However as a Laguna, Dami doesn't posses Gourmet Cells as her unique body structure rejects the cells. This makes her growth limited, and she doesn't posses a taste for fine foods. Eating only to replenish energy.

She is also reluctantly a member of the Gourmet Gospel, having been recruited by Fontinegra despite being a well known criminal. She chose to join because of her adoration of Fontinegra and often flirts with the gourmet artisan, even in front of his husband, something which Casablanca doesn't appreciate.


Joy 2

Dami's full appearance.

Tall, gorgeous, and inhumanity built, Roppi Dami attributes much of her appearance to her mythological heritage as a member of the mysterious, Laguna Tribe. Most of who and what they are is a mystery, but it is attested that they are Beings close to God which translates to their gold and marble appearance. Dami is no exception as he entire body appears to be carved from pure white stone, and is adorned with various gold accents and jewels. She wears a large headdress that covers her eyes and lets her feather like hair fall down in several thick strands. Draped over her arms and legs are incredibly high class scarves, which hover around her body as if weighing nothing at all.

Curiously, her hands and feet seem to be comprised of a luminescent glowing material, which can reform into a myriad of different weapons and tools. It is assumed that these are some of the powerful artifacts that giver her, her power.