Roho's Shocked Love, Melk's Truth (ローホーのソウルメイト、メルクの真実, Rōhō no Sōrumeito, Meruku no Shinjitsu; Roho's Soulmate, Truth of Melk) is the Melk Arc episode 4 from Titans: Toriko. This story was shocking about Roho has see Melk was nudity and revealed "he" was the girl (revealed in episode 6 who was Samuel).


Dub changeEdit

  • There two funny scenes where Roho shocked at a nude Melk was removed to the folder.
    1. After Roho was wash his face, he looked at Melk was nude then nose bleeding before he fells.
    2. When Roho was fell, he see again at Melk was still nude and nose bleeding again.

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