Rainbow Nessca
Japanese Name ネスサウルス
Romaji Name Nesusaurusu
Aliases The Legendary Sea Titan Beast
Beast Type Sea
Capture Level Unmeasurable
Location Skysea Whaleland
Abilities Hearing

Rainbow Nessca is the crossbreed of Nestodactyl and Snorus. According to Samuel, the Rainbow Nessca was the legndary Titan Beast which is herbivorous sea creature. Though it was extinct creature, the remained fossil of the herbivorous creature was taken by King Julien and study the fossil.




  • Oddly in Korean, Nessca's name is combination of walrus and triceratops instead of nessie and brachiosaurus.

Other LanguagesEdit

Language Title Meaning
20px-Japan Flag Japanese ネスサウルス Nesusaurusu
20px-Japan Flag Korean 컬러해마라톱스 Keolleo Haemalatobseu