Beast Type Humanoid Beast
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Arrows of Love, 36,000,000 yen per arrow
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Karma Valley)
Related Species Goji Giant


The coy Ponc'tan is a playful though extremely dangerous gourmet beast that resides in the Gourmet World. Born in a similar manner to the Wep'keer It is a castoff of the Goji Giant who turned evil despite it's benevolent creator. Once born, the Ponc'tan set out into the world and cause great plagues and famine with its infamous, and poorly named, Arrows of Love which could cast a powerful "curse" on anything it pierced and possessed a dangerous piercing power due to its ability to infuse it with Appetite Energy. Eventually it was hunted down and sealed away by the Goji Giant so it could bring an end to it's curses, but no sooner had it been sealed then it was revived by the Monzaemon Dragon and made it's servant.

Often coming into conflict with its cousin the Wep'Keer, the two constantly duel for their respective masters, though being of equal strength they rarely settle any differences. Much like the Dragon and Giant, the two represent the new cycle of good and evil, proving that no one side can over take the other.

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