Vital statistics
Title Steele-Solider, Agent Pinkerton
Gender Male
Race Human
Skills Homeland
abilities Assassination and Espionage
Full course None
Affiliations Gourmet Gospel
Status Alive, in the Gourmet World
Partner Unknown

Agent Pinkerton, also known as the Steele-Solider is a powerful and deadly agent of the Gourmet Gospel, as well as a former well known assassin. Once a spy for the non IGO nation Kabbalaher, Pinkerton was hired to infiltrate the inner circle of the infamous general Leabhar, to gather information and eventually kill him. However, Leabhar immediately saw through Pinkerton's ruse and threatened to expose him and let his army do with him as they pleased. Eventually striking a deal, Pink chose to serve Leabhar obediently instead of being ripped apart by his army.

Years passed and Pinkerton grew to admire his false general and eventually severed all ties to his former nation. However, after Leabhar was released from IGO service, Pinkerton chose to leave Leabhar's service, choosing to instead wander the gourmet world and sharpen his skills. It was in the gourmet world that he came across chef Fontinegra and was recruited into the Gourmet Gospel on the promise of being reunited with his former general and taking his skills to new heights.

He was eventually partnered with an unknown gourmet researcher who's unusual research methods and general lack of motivation paired well with Pinkerto's cold and extremely businesslike nature.

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