Πυλώνες του Ζάο
Other Names Pyló̱nes tou Záo (Pillars of Zhao), Obsidian Pillars
Creator(s) (Unknown) Currently wielded by Ariio
Function Combat and preparation of specially prepared Darkness resistant ingredients
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The Πυλώνες του Ζάο (Lit: Greek, Pyló̱nes tou Záo (Pillars of Zhao)) Also known as the Obsidian Pillars are a collective of mysterious black pillars originally owned by the King of the High Palace and then given to his heir and eldest son, Ariio of Shadow. A weapon excelling in combat and cooking, the pillars are most often used in the preparation of Darkness resistant ingredients, such as with holy ingredients of creatures aligned to the light. Crafted from the darkness and shade of the night itself, how the pillars came to be and their exact purpose outside of cooking and combat is unknown. Though, Ariio often stresses their importance to the City of the High Palace, calling them the Pillars of the City itself.

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