Vital statistics
Title Hanafuka General Manager, Prima Ballerina Pauletta
Gender Female
Race Human
Skills Pret La Porter al fal Dancing
Abilities Gourmet Dancing
Full course None
Affiliations Hanafuka Playhouse (General Manager)
Status Alive, in the Human World
Partner Yaihiku

Prima Ballerina Pauletta is a formerly world famous dancer and the current general manager of the Hanafuka Playhouse. Once a dancer of unparalleled talent, Pauletta rose to fame under the roof of the famous playhouse and even became the prima ballerina in her dance troupe. However,she was eventually left blind in one eye as a result of a tragic accident on the infamous Dragon Stage. Her depth perception forever thrown off, her dancing career ended on the spot and she was forced to forever work behind the scenes, if only to be closer to stage she once loved.

Taking a position offered to her by Yaihiku, Pauletta quickly rose through the Hanakfuka ranks and became the head dancing instructor at the Okuni Academy inside the playhouse, and eventually became the theaters general manager. She watches over the playhouse when Yaihiku is away and sees to the day to day business Yaihiku can't.

However, despite her child like appearance, Pauletta is well known for being a capricious tyrant who expects only the best from her dancers and performers. She has ended several careers of some promising young performers and has even chanced entire shows on the error of one dancer.

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