Japanese Name オモチ, Omochi
Romaji Name {{{romaji}}}
Aliases Cake Dragon,
Cake Serpent
Beast Type Reptile
Capture Level 51 - 60 (depends on the number of heads)
Height 70ft
Weight 300t
Price 9,000,000 yen each,
1 scale/5000 yen,
1 head + neck/90,000 yen
Diet Omnivore (mostly jelly and meat)
Location Red Bean Lake, Strawberry Lake, Cherry Lake
Abilities Highly pressurized Jelly blasts, Endurance, Longevity, Hardened scales,
Related Species Strawberry Omochi, Cherry Omochi

Omochi is a massive reptile beast with eight heads whose scales (when heated at 800 °C) have the taste and texture of delicious Mochi (sweet rice cakes). They reside near the jelly-filled Red Bean Lake and are extremely territorial about their domain.


When its scales are not heated they are harder than iron and normal weapons cannot penetrate them. The Omochi also stores large amounts of jelly within its body which it can release into highly-pressurized blasts which can even destroy numerous IGO tanks with ease. Its large body would indicate slow movement however it makes up for this by using its long and flexible necks to deliver swift bite attacks or headbutts with ease, however it is considerably fast underwater. It also has a strong life-force, being capable of surviving severe injuries and recovering from fatal wounds in a matter of days or even less, it can even survive without seven of its heads as long as at least one remains to control the body, but with the loss of each head its fighting capacity and overall capture level decreases. Despite its low propagation rate, it makes up for it with a long lifespan, being capable of living for 400 years or more.