Vital statistics
Title Second Coming of the Dark Chapter, Dark Surgeon Octavio
Gender Male
Race Human
Skills Dark Medicine
Abilities Dark Medicine, Life-Return Cuisine, Dark Cooking
Full course None
Affiliations Mahaclaro
Status Alive, in the (Gourmet World)
Partner None

Dark Surgeon Octavio, or sometimes grimly referred to as Second Coming of the Dark Chapter, is a former well known Saiseiya turned evil due to the actions of the undead chef, Mahaclaro.

Once a saiseiya of unequal talent, destined to become a gourmet national treasure, Octavio suddenly and mysteriously began reviving ingredients of nation destroying levels. Including the infamous Lord Stallion, the Palmauku Fruit and the once sealed away Shakkaku. He also began experimenting with living human beings, the product of which always produced amazing results but at the high costs of several human lives. These alone sent the human world into a frenzy and eventually IGO was forced to hunt Octavio down and chase him out of society.

The reason for his sudden change, and odd methods he used to revive and corrupted creatures, was due to him discovering the Dark Chapters. A well konw collection of saiseiya techniques and recipes that filled Octavio with an insatiable lust for the dark cooking and Dark medicine. The Dark Chapter were left to him by Mahaclaro, in hopes that he might taint and recruit the talented saiseiya for his own uses.

Eventually taken under the wing of the Bishokukai, and put under the command of a then human Mahaclaro. The two began researching methods of immorality and the infinite preservation of ingredients. After perfection is own saiseiya technique, Dark Medicine, together they created the Revitalizing Knife and eventually Life-Return Cuisine after Mahaclaro had perfected it's death counter part. While Octavio, and by extension, Mahaclaro's intentions are still unclear they are still vehemently seeking access to Takamagahara and obviously intend to make use of the blessed Bonfire Trio for their own uses.

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