Oblivion Bat
Beast Type Bat (Supreme Nothingness Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price No value as foodstuffs
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World
Related Species Nihilistic Bat

The Oblivion Bat is an extremely powerful Gourmet beast who resides in the Gourmet world. The Oblivion bat is the evolution of the Nihilistic Bat after its helmet is removed, but is not killed. Freed from the miserable confines of its helm, the Oblivion Bat is a beast of pure desire and destruction. It seeks only to fulfill every want, and passion it was forced to suppress as a Nihilistic Bat, most of which involve needless destruction and death.

Due to its incredible strength and raw destructive nature it had been labeled one of the 10 absolute rulers of the Gourmet world, taking the number 7 spot.

With its helm removed the Oblivion bat no longer had any value as foodstuffs.