Noel Jellyfish
Beast Type Jellyfish (Cnidarian Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price Unknown
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Shangri-La)
Abilities Energy absorption and Flight

The Noel Jellyfish, also known as the Merciful Flyer is an odd but powerful Gourmet World beast, and another flying resident of the air paradise, Shangri-La. Surrounded in as much mystery as even Dark Beasts, the Noel Jellyfish spends it's time gracefully gliding in the lowest parts of Shangri-La, interfering with nothing and seemingly searching for nothing. The Noel Jellyfish is a passive beast that will rarely attack anything, even if provoked, but flying beasts of Shangri-La never attack the beast, even the Shambala Bird never interferes with the actions of the Noel Jellyfish.

If ever mistakenly attached with enough force, the Jellyfish has the ability to absorb energy and sent it back 900x fold. Making it a passive, yet highly lethal, beast.

While an oddity in behavior, the meat of the jellyfish is said to be soft as tofu and tender and prime sirloin. However, the juices that spread from the cut meat can be drained and collected into the Wondering Fish Liquor, a drink of such high salt content and savory combination, that 10 oz sells for no less then 1 Billion yen. The rare liquor is the Drink in Floating Cuisine Foxglove'sfull course.