Other Names 無無明亦無 (Blade of Enlightenment In The Ignorance Free World)
Creator(s) (Melchsee) Unknown current wielder
Function Combat
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The Mu-Mu-Myō-Yaku-Mu (Lit: Jap, 無無明亦無 (No Ignorance, and also no ending of ignorance)) also known as The Blade of Enlightenment In The Ignorance Free World is a powerful blade of immense size and strength. Only surrendering itself to those with absolute purity of heart, this blade has the ability to swiftly defeat opponents without actual causing any physical damage. It comes from the blades mysterious ability to dispel and nullify appetite energy and dispel the calories of any attack launched at it, making it a powerful, yet passive weapon. It was created by the Laguna knife maker, Melchsee, but was stolen before he could ever give it to the one who commissioned it. Few have seen the blade's power since, but those that have refuse to hold a grudge and allow the thief of the weapon to go on unpunished. It is apart of the extremely rare and powerful Absence set of tools.

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