Other Names 無無明亦無 (Lance of Joy In The Anguish Free World)
Creator(s) (Melchsee) Currently wielded by Chichina
Function Combat and preparation of specially prepared space-resistant ingredients
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The Mu-Ku-Shu-Metsu-Dō (Lit: Jap, 無無明亦無 (No anguish, cause of anguish, secession, path)) also known as The Lance of Joy In The Anguish Free World is mythical weapon of dazzling power that was forged from the stones of the moon and crafted into a weapon under the full moon light. It holds fearsome astral powers that allow it to effortlessly craft ingredients from the stars, ingredients foreign and strange even to the Gourmet World. It was created by Melchsee after commissioned by the Star-Light Chef, Chichina. It is said that Melchsee knew the blade was finished after it was able to slash the moons reflection off the waters surface. It is apart of the rare Absence collection of tools.

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