Name Unknown
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender male
Birthday Unknown
Age 21
Height 6'5
Weight unknown
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Shade
Occupation Hunter
Partner unknown
Personal Status
Relatives unknown
Status alive

Morino is a hunter in Shade, who hunts creatures to protect the citizens of Shade, and feed them.


He is a young, muscular man, who has tattoos from all the creatures he hunted, and fake wings he put on, from a giant butterfly he killed.


He is rather cocky, thinking he could kill a beast that has terrorized the village. He is, however, a skilled hunter, willing to protect the village at any cost.


He was able to defeat creatures of CLVL of 1 with ease, but was destroyed completely by a beast with a CLVL. He has the strength, of about 10 men.

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