Japanese Name ムーンチーズ or 月のチーズ
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Aliases Lunar Cheese
Type Dairy/Mineral
Capture Level 52
Location Moon
Price 2,000,000 yen
Related Ingredients Moon Milk
Mineral Cheese

Moon Cheese is a very rare type of Mineral Cheese that grows deep within the underground caverns of the Moon.

As FoodEdit

Mooncheese has a rather crunchy texture but quickly melts in one's mouth, releasing a rich and frosty flavor like that of cream cheese but with a far more long lasting flavor and sweetness. It can be eaten in any desired way like normal cheese but if eaten with Moon Milk it miraculously enhances the eating experience.



Unharvested Mooncheese.

After studies revealed that there was actual frozen Mineral Milk on the Moon, the IGO sent a team of piloted GT Robos to collect this new finding for study to see if it had possible uses as a gourmet ingredient, but much to their surprise, further exploration revealed that underground caverns beneath the frozen milk lakes had miraculously formed actual Mineral Cheese speleothems. When the GT Robos returned to the IGO with samples of both the Mineral Cheese and Mineral Milk, studies revealed that the unique environment had given them a far more unique texture, consistency, structure and flavor unlike any Mineral Milk or Cheese that could be found in the Human World. Thus they named the ingredients Mooncheese and Moon Milk after the place they were discovered.