Meteorsaurus upclose
The Meteorsaurus (メテオサウルス, Meteosaurusu) is an unknown-Scum Beast type beast that the Bishokukai brought to aid in the invasion to the 50th Cooking Fest for capturing chefs.


It is a large, four-legged beast that resembles a tuojiangosaurus, with two big bird wings on its back and a skin composed of brown and reptilian scales. It possesses two short and purple horns on its head. The Meteorsaurus has a row of spikes that spreads from its forehead to the tip of its tail, but its most notable traits are the few shiny borders located on its face and other parts of its body.


It is an aggressive creature that will immediately attack on its prey, as it did with Komatsu when the monster noticed his presence.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

For being of an unknown Capture Level, it is safe to assume that it is a very powerful beast which is created by the Bishokukai. On closed combat, it will use its frontal legs to attack or capture its target, but if the latter one tries to run away, then the beast will fire a blue energy sphere to prevent the escape.


Original CanonEdit

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

While Komatsu was running away and searching shelter from the Scum Beasts and the Red Nitro that the Bishokukai brought to the invasion, he found on its way a Meteorsaurus that immediately engaged in combat with him and tried to catch him with his frontal right leg, but resulting useless against the Sound Armor that Zebra had earlier coated on Komatsu.

Helplessly, the young chef just ran back to escape from the dangerous and powerful beast, which made the Meteorsaurus fire a big energy sphere at him. This technique managed to cancel the protection of Komatsu and send him flying a few meters away by the impact. When the beast tried to strike him again, Yun swiftly appeared to take Komatsu away from the danger and fly outside the aforementioned monster's range.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai CanonEdit

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Bishokukai Invasion ArcEdit

While Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Komatsu rans to search the shelter from the Scum Beasts, they sent the powerful Scum Beast Meteorsaurus appeared and tries to attack them.

Goes Extinct/Shurijuger ArcEdit

Ni no Kuni ArcEdit

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