The Mellow Lemonade was the first drink ever made by Rasetsu using the "Death Lemons" as ingredients. The Mellow Lemonade is the counterpart to the Mellow Cola, and it is considerably more difficult and hard to make. Despite its infamy as Rasetsu's first Drink, it is not to serve as the Drink on his full course menu.


The Mellow Lemonade is made by extracting the juice content from the Death Lemons, which are radioactive super fruits found inside Golden Meteors, a special series of meteors which serve as protective shells to the lemons. The Death Lemons will kill any normal being on the planet should a person even enter their presence, so it is vital to have  ridiculous amount of food honor in order to approach them. To create the mellow lemonade, its very difficult to do so. One must perfectly administrate the juice to acid ratio of the lemonade, or it will kill them when consumed if the acid level outweighs the juice level by even a slight amount. But if the user can correctly create the lemonade, it becomes a ridiculously delicious substance with great evolutionary potential for gourmet hunters.