Megumi Ogata
Name Megumi Ogata
Kanji めぐみ 緒方
Romanji Megumi Ogata
Race Human
Gender Female
Birthday November 12
Age 17
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Partner None
Personal Status
Relatives None
Status Active

Megumi Ogata (めぐみ 緒方) is a young girl from the same village as Kouichi Tokuda and wants to make be the first to open a shop that sells all cooking hardware that she makes.


Megumi has lightly tanned skin with blue hair which is pulled into two short ponytails that barely reach her shoulders and light green eyes. She gives off the vibe of being not very strong with her thin and kinda fragile body but her muscle is pretty evenly distributed. Megumi is average size for a teenager leaning towards the older side with a few more years before adulthood, giving her that between age look, though she does have something to note her rather large breasts.


Megumi is a rather confident girl on the outside as she is always boasting about how good she is in school and how well she can make things but inside she can be rather dismissive of herself.


Early lifeEdit

Arc 1Edit

Full CourseEdit

Abilities & WeaknessesEdit


  • Swordsmanship - Megumi happens to be very talented with a sword and was forced to take the elective as she didn't want to take gardening like Kouichi.








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