Name Unknown
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender male
Birthday Unknown
Age 90
Height 4'5
Weight unknown
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Shade
Occupation Mayor
Partner unknown
Personal Status
Relatives unknown
Status alive

The Mayor of Shade is the Mayor of Shade. He is an old man, who loves his small town.


He is a small man, with a small beard, and has graying hair.


As the Mayor of town of Shade, he loves the town as much as anyone. Being raised in it made him love the town enough to cry for it's loss. Despite this, he has been shown to be somewhat pushed around by the citizens of the town, despite helping raise them.


As a normal old man, he is unable to fight. He however, has control over the town of Shade.


For all his life, he lived in the town of Shade. He has helped raise many members of the town. Eventually, he became mayor of Shade. When the town was attacked by a beast, he hired a Gourmet Hunter to kill the beast.

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