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Man O'Warlion
Man O'Warlion Sketch
Rough sketch of a Man O'Warlion
Aliases Jelly Lion
Beast Type Cnidarian Mammal Beast
Capture Level Unknown (presumed immeasurable)
Length On average 3m (around 10ft)
Height On average 2.4m (around 8ft)
Weight On average 280kg (around 616lbs)
Price The jelly from this lion can be worth up to 100 000 yen per 10g (depending on the quality). This lion's teeth are also highly sought after and can fetch 2 000 000 yen per tooth (once again depending on the quality).
Diet Carnivorous
Location Gourmet World
Abilities Incredible speed & electrocution

The Man O'Warlion is a lion from the Gourmet World, named because it has Man O'War jelly fish attached to its shoulders. A Man O'Warlion named Dharq is the animal parter of Blake Raefen.

Anatomy Edit

The Man O'Warlion is not the biggest species of lion around but they are one of the strangest. They are a form of hybrid between a jelly fish and a lion. The only known specimen, Dharq, has been shown to have black fur with a dark blue mane and dark blue jellyfish crackling with electricity on its shoulders, his tail is also dark blue at the tip and crackles.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Despite their fairly average size, the Man O'Warlion has been shown to possess speed rivaling that of a Mother Snake (maxing out on average at 400km per hour). It is a creature feared by most others due to its sheer power and strong electrical current. They also have amazing stamina managing to go long distances without ever needing a break, probably because their electrical current keeps getting renewed by their speed. Although the might not look it they are also extremely durable and are able to take most attacks head on.

The Man O'Warlion's possess very sharp claws that have been shown to cut through very durable materials, no cage can hold them. But their strongest asset comes from the fact that they are hybrids with jellyfish, they sport tendrils descending their shoulders and legs and at the end of their tail, allowing them to send a strong electrical current into their targets.

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