Beast Type Dragon Beast (Jewel Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Wul-Sul-Hwa armor, value impossible to measure
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Miliaken Plains)
Related Species Longinus Tiger

Gugnir Lion

The Mainetick, also know as the San-Se Raptor, is a Gourmet world beast who's beauty is only matched by it's fearsome strength. Clad in white and gold armor, the value of which is worth some several countries, it contains numerous hidden weapons, all of which use concentrated appetite energy as their main power source. Being one of the few beasts that can use appetite energy freely, this short stature beast can easily take on creatures in the 700clvl with little difficulty. Putting it in league with the gourmet world rulers in terms of raw strength.

Like the noble Turbine Dragon, the Mainetick can also be mounted and rode as a personal beast. However it's dangerous temperament and overall difficulty of control make riders few and far between. However, if tamed and mounted, it's overall abilities skyrocket allowing it to challenge even Gourmet World rulers, as the beast unfortunately lacks the intelligence to use it's weapons to their fullest extent.

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