Vital statistics
Title Zombie Cooking, Mahaclaro
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Skills Unknown
abilities Proficient in Death Cuisine, and Life Return Cuisine
Full course Unknown
Status Undead, in the Gourmet World
Partner Shivaplata

Mahaclaro also known as Zombie Cooking, Mahaclaro is an incredibly dangerous chef from the Gourmet World, as well as a former Bishokukai Executive Chef. Once the most dangerous member of the Bishokukai, Mahaclaro began researching in bringing ingredients back to life in order to endlessly harvest their food. Creating the Revitalizing Knife as a prototype, he eventually abandoned the practice and began creating his Death Cuisine and Life-Return Cuisine, which specialize in killing any ingredient, and reviving it as a endlessly healing zombie. Allowing Mahaclaro to make mindless meat factories out of any beast or person.

Eventually his power began to reach that of Midora, and he was sentenced to execution by his superiors. Anticipating their attack Mahaclaro killed himself using Death Cuisine and returned himself to life with Life-Return Cuisine. After reviving himself he managed to kill all his potential assassins and fled the Bishokukai, fleeing into the Gourmet World to increase his strength and find more exotic ingredients.

While his plans are largely unknown, he seems to be seeking Takamagahara. As an undead being he is able to see the bridge clearly, but is unable to touch it until he fully dies. It is safe to assume that if he is able to enter the bridge, he'd make use of the tree Holy beasts that reside inside for his own horrible ends.

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